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Travel Photo, Kuala Namu International Airport

Kuala Namu International Airport, Deli Serdang - Indonesia

There is something new in North Sumatera, Indonesia namely Kuala Namu international airport. This airport become new international transit center in Sumatera and the western part of Indonesia. Located in Kualanamu, Deli Serdang North Sumatera Indonesia this airport in a new airport to replace the old one, which is Polonia International Airport.

       With Capacity 118,930 m² passengers terminal and will eventually have a capacity of fifty million passengers, this airport expected to become the second largest airport after Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Better than Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Kuala Namu International Aiport has a direct rail link to City which is Medan City the capital of North Sumatera.
Outside Airport

Arrival Gate
The high ceiling in Kuala Namu International Airport
Inside the Airport
The retail shops and Restaurant at Kuala Namu International Airport 

Lift Facility by Sumatran Roof Design
The waiting room in the departure area of Kuala Namu International Airport
To reach this airport there is public transportation option to and from Kuala Namu International Airport is as follow:

  • DAMRI Bus : 
Depart and Arrive at Medan Fair Plaza with cost approximately IDR 15.000. And depart and arrive at Terminal Amplas with cost approximately IDR 10.000  

  • Airport Railink System
Depart and Arrive at Stasiun Kereta Besar located at Jalan Stasiun right next to Merdeka Square. Train cost approximately IDR 80.000 one way. For the train schedule and ticket booking. please go to the Airport Railink System website with Phone number : +62 61 4561331, or you can contact them via social media twitter account @railinkARS

  • (Another Option) : Taxi 
If you travel with group you can take taxi, and Bluebird group is the most recommended taxi in this airport. It cost approximately IDR 130.000 more or less, depending on traffic situation.

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