Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Travel Photo From Curug Cikaso Waterfall, Indonesia

Picturesque scenery of Cikaso Waterfall, Indonesia
Indonesia has many beautiful places to visit and has many beautiful Waterfall to see. If you interested in nature and interested in waterfall I think you should visit Cikaso Waterfall when you visit Sukabumi, Indonesia. Curug Cikaso is a beautiful waterfall on the Cikaso River in West Java Indonesia, it lies in Cibitung Kulon sub Jampang Sukabumi.

Cikaso waterfall commonly know as Curug Cikaso (curug means air terjun in Bahasa Indonesia or waterfall in English) as the name implies the location of this waterfall at river flow Cikaso which is originates in North Sukabumi and flows south to South Sukabumi.

There are two ways to reach the location of the waterfall, you can walked towards the waterfall area and walking along the rice paddies or by motor boat escorted by the local community. You can hear the sound of the pounding overflowing waters that fall from 90 meters high with three paraller drops along cliffts. The river is so clean and green, its gonna be great experience while enjoying the pristine scenery around.
Cikaso River
Motor boat escorted by the local community
Once you see the Cikaso waterfalls, you can take sight of a beautiful natural painted canvas that catches your eyes and takes your breath away, because this waterfall is dangeriously beautiful especially when you come here on Rainy Season. There are a jade green pond where you can swim an enjoy the scenary of waterfall, so it is very convenient when trying to swim in natural pools formed by this Waterfall.

Swim in natural pools formed
Beautiful natural painted canvas
 So When you visit West Java Indonesia, you should visit Curug Cikaso and enjoy the picturesque scenery in this place. Wonderful Indonesia.
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Google Maps Curug Cikaso Waterfall.

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