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A beautiful and grand mosque, Baiturrahman Grand Mosque Banda Aceh - Indonesia

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque – Banda Aceh

Aceh Province is a Part of Indonesia, located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. It is thought to have been in Aceh where Islam was first established in Southeast Asia. Aceh Province is thought to have been the place where the spread of Islam in Indonesia started, and was a key part of the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia. Talk about Islam, In Aceh there is a large mosque located in the center of the city of Banda Aceh namely Baiturarhman Grand Mosque.
This mosque was designed by an Italian architect and built by the Dutch colonial administration as a token of reconciliation following their destruction of an older mosque during the Aceh wars.  The design of the Mosque combines influences of European colonial and Moghul Indian Islamic Architecture. Construction of the mosque commenced in 1879 and was completed in 1881. The initial mosque were smaller and consist of a single dome. Years later the mosque were renovated and expanded by constructing additional wings. The mosque survived the massive 2004 tsunami which destroyed much of the rest of the city of Banda Aceh.
With Magnificient Structure with black domes are uniquely constructed from hard wood shingles combined as tiles. The mosque incorporates a few traditional Aceh decorative elements and features. The architectural design with a number of pillars made it possible for the fast running current of tsunami to pass through without destroying the whole mosque. This is one of the great power of the Almighty that saved Aceh.
Main Gate - Enterance Door
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque of Indonesia has a 35-meter tower
Detail - Tower Mosque
An architecturally stunning mosque
Its a landmark mosque in the center of the city
Wonderful Mosque
The mosque was quite old but it is beautiful and well maintained.
Inside The Mosque
Acehnese Spiritual Icon
Pool and Garden - Outside the Mosque
Beautiful White Mosque
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque of Indonesia has a 35-meter tower

Today the mosque is the famous landmark of Banda Aceh and has become the symbol of the city also represents the cultural uniqueness of the Acehnese people. Sightseeing around the mosque, the best time to visit this mosque is during friday afternoon prayers whem the entire mosque and yard are filled with people. Certainly, this is one of the more architecturally stunning mosques that you will see in Indonesia especially if there are clear blue skies as the pictures will come out great. Its also surrounded by a big park and just by some big local markets.

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