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Dieng Plateau, A Land Above The Clouds

In Central Java Indonesia, there is Dieng Plateau known as the World's Second Plateau After Nepal on 2093 meters high above sea level or reach a height of 6000 feet. Dieng plateau situated in the Banjarnegara and Wonosobo district that is located in the west of the complex and the Mount Sindoro Sumbing, where the administration of the government, the Dieng Plateau Region as a part of Wonosobo district, the village of Dieng Kulon, Batur subdistrict, district Kejajar, District Banjarnegara and Dieng Wetan.
Same like The Yellowstone in the USA or Tengger Plateau in East Java Indonesia, Dieng Plateau is plain with volcanic activity below the surface that can be said is a giant volcano. There is a caldera with the mountains surrounding the edges and there are many craters as a discharge of gas, water vapor and various other volcanic material. The average altitude is about 2,000 meters above sea level. The temperatures at Dieng Plateau is ranging from 15 to 20 ° C during the day and 10 ° C at night.
Based on Kailasa Museum and The Dieng Plateau Theatre, there is an explanation of the origin of the word Dieng which is Dieng comes from the combination of two words Sundanese Kuna: Di which means a place or mountain and Hyang it means God. Thus, Dieng means mountainous where the Gods and Goddesses residing. Dieng name comes from Sundanese language as estimated in the pre-Medang and Galuh kingdom era.

Dieng Plateau is the oldest Hindu temple in Java Island that have been built around the seventh century, older than Prambanan Temple in the eighth century. Here are so many priceless historical heritage as well as a myriad of natural potential can be better managed for the welfare of local people. An area that stores the history of the past where there were several temple complex built in the rest of the crater basin. The Hindu community believes archaeologist Dieng Plateau is the inception of the Sailendra Dynasty era building on a monumental temple in history. Besides we find the ruins of the temple we can see the ruins of the remnants of the royal past. A unique, temples around Dieng Plateau was called puppet figures Pandawa Lima.

 There are four groups with a total of 8 temples temples, among other thing is the Temple group of Dwarawati and Parikshit, the Dwarawati Timur Temple, Setyaki Temple, Ontorejo, Petruk, Nala Gareng, and Nakula-Sadewa, and also the temple of Arjuna, Semar, Sembodro, Puntadewa and Heroine . Group of temple is situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and was discovered in 1800 AD.
    The Beauty Landscape of Dieng Plateau is the main reason to make the long journey to the place which is isolated, from Jakarta The Capital City of Indonesia the trip takes 11 hours using public buses. To reach this area, generally through Wonosobo district, because the line was closer than through other channels, although the winding road and the ravine with steep walls on both sides of the road, but the scenery along the way and terraced plantations is so beautiful to see.
To avoid the scam who often disturbing and sometimes even deceptive forcing passengers to choose the bus when they want to get out of town at the bus terminals in Indonesia. We recommend you to choose the bus from a reliable pool bus according to the city of origin. For the price do not worry because the number of seat must be sold according to the number listed on the ticket price according to the selected class.  For Business class its about 75,000 rupiah for the destination to Wonosobo.
In the middle of trip to Wonosobo Banjarnegara when we entered the city, if the weather condition is clear and good, you will be presented with such a beautiful sight, Mount Sindoro and Sumbing seen from a distance, the vast expanse of the estate and the surrounding rice fields and cliffs and hills also rivers Serayu known as one of the river for adventure such as rafting.
The temperature at Dieng Plateau is very cold and biting. During the day, the cold could range between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. In fact, in the morning temperatures can reach freezing, aka zero degrees celsius. Temperatures in July and August, where it entered the dry season, temperatures in the Dieng can reach 0 ° C in the morning and bring frost ice shaped by the locals called bun upas or poison because moisture can cause damage to agricultural land locals .

Dieng tourist area is divided into two main parts Dieng 1 and Dieng 2 are: 
  1. Telaga Warna, as the name suggests this lake the water color is shades of green and blue.  If it looks daytime there is a reflection of sunlight makes the Telaga Warna becomes more beautiful.
  2. Telaga Pengilon and several caves such as Jaran cave and Semar cave used to place imprisoned people who have certain beliefs.
  3. Batu Tulis Gajah Mada is to be a place for the ceremony haircut believed to remove bad things from young people around Dieng Plateau who has tangled hair.
  4. Dieng Plateau Theater is to see the history of Dieng, nature and the living of the citizen in the Dieng plateau. From the short movie with a duration of approximately 25 minutes you can got many things and also the knowledge.
  5. Crater Sikidang and Bima temple that is located not too far from the Dieng Plateau Theater.
  6. Sileri crater, Sumur Jalatunda and Telaga Merdada.
  7. Kailasa Dieng Museum which has a lot of historical objects such as statues sculptures from the temples ruins. This region also contained Gatot Kaca temples and Telaga Balekambang.
  8. Arjuna temple area that consists of several temples that are Arjuna Temple, Semar Temple Semar, Srikandi temples, Puntadewa temple and Sembaura temple.

Due to the interesting objects that can be visited is located far apart and spread out and there are different regional management between countries Banjar district and Wonosobo district, the price of admission fee is varies in ranges 2000 – 3500 IDR, and 12,000 Rupiah for individual canal ticket in Dieng 1 area. For those who visit here without a car, “ojek motor” or motorcycle taxis around Dieng could be the option to reach the places as well as a tour guide to explain the sites for you. Estimate cost is around 50.000 to 100,000 Rupiah depending on the initial agreement and how many spot you will go.
One thing you should do at Dieng Plateau is enjoying the sunrise from Mount Sikunir that will remind us of childhood awe as we painted two mountains, where the sun coming out in the middle of the second mountain. Yes .. This golden moment when the sun began to emerge from the middle of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. As the movement of the sun rise, the mist blanketed Mount Sindoro and makes the scenery as a land above the clouds. Wonderful Country, Wonderful Indonesia.
From sunrise there's life philosophy that we could contemplate such a sense of gratitude as we are still alive to meet new day and muse how great God the Creator in creating such a beautiful nature like this, Dieng Plateau. Here there are many lodging options that can be adapted based on your budget with prices ranging from 75.000 per night per room. Because the temperatures and the water is so cold, of course if you choose a places that provide you hot water it could be a good decision, Trust me :p
If you want to take a souvenir of Dieng Plateau, Carica made from sweets papaya is the right choice, for each jar sold at a price range of 10 000 Rupiah or you can try mushroom chips from wonosobo. For food culinary you recommended try the mie ongklok made from noodles, cabbage, chili, spicy sauce and seasoning. The noodles are served hot on a few stalls with complementary  tofu, tempe kemul or satay as a side dishes. Enjoy your trip at Indonesia, Places like no other on earth.

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  1. yuuppp view paling menyenangan dari dieng adalah saat melihat gunung sindoro-sumbing yang berdampinga. serasa bernostalgia ke masa kecil dimana menggambar pasti mirip dengan lanskap tersebut.

    1. yup betul banget.. seperti pas penajaran melukis umumnya gambar dua gunung, terus matahari muncul dari tengah-tengahnya.. benar" menjadi nostalgia..

  2. sayang sekali bukit2 di dieng semua nya di kavling2 jadi kebun kentang. Jadi kurang daerah resapan nya. Tinggal nunggu longsor aja tuch kalo ujan besar

    1. yup,, memang sudah sering kali longsor mas.. sekalinya longsor jalanan ga bisa dilalui dan semua akses jalanan tertutup. ga hanya perkebunan kentang, tapi juga perkebunan lainnya seperti jamur dan lain-lain.

  3. Loved your philosophical outlook towards life...even though it was in broken english hehe :D


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