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Adventure in the Java Rhinocerous Home, Ujung Kulon National Park

Badul island, Ujung Kulon - Photo by: ika.s

Ujung Kulon National Park was declared as World Natural Heritage Site in 1991 by UNESCO, which is this area was protected and preserved. The condition is still relatively natural to make every visitor who comes here will leave an unforgettable experience that hard to find in elsewhere. Biodiversity is protected in this National Parks include marine ecosystems, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems that are part of the ecosystem in the widest tropical rain forest in West Java, Indonesia. In the National Park is home for hundreds of animals and plants are protected in particular to maintain the viability of Javan Rhinoceros and Buffalo that has been declared faces critically endangered because the population continues to decrease.
Besides Javan Rhinocerous and Buffalo there are many other animals in their natural habitat of this national park include the Timor deer scattered in Ujung Kulon National Park, Peucang Island, Panaitan Island and Handeleum Island. Set up a tent and feel coexist with nature and wild animals has become an unforgettable experience while you here, especially when staying overnight on the Handeleum island.
 The Resident near Ujung Kulon National Park is from the tribe of Banten around Sumur, Cibiuk and Taman Jaya, which is as a gateway to the National Park. In this place there is an information center, guest house, hot springs and a dock for boat / fishing boat and visitors who want to visit National Park is depart from this point.

There are many ways to reach this National Park, If you using land transportation from Jakarta (The Capital City of Indonesia)  you can go to Serang via Highway - Pandeglang - Labuan and then to Sumur, from Dermaga Sumur or Taman Jaya proceed to the Peucang island by renting a motor boat of the fisherman or locals. Alternatife way is via Serang City through Cilegon to Labuan or if you coming from Bogor you get through Rangkasbitung Pandeglang then headed to Labuan and Sumur. For transportation to this place we recommended you renting ELF or vehicles with a high ground clearing because the roads quite heavy almost not paved and not in the good condition.
The best time to visit is between April to September. If you come in the rainy season be careful with mosquitoes because this place is a malaria endemic area so before visiting this place, it is advisable to take anti-malarial drugs are sold at drugstore or based on doctor's instructions for prevention.
One of the most interesting attractions in this National Park you should visit the beauty of Peucang island. White sand beach surrounded by clear water, colorful coral reefs with beautiful fish swimming in it that make this island as perfect place to escape, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving and fishing. If you intend to spend the night here you can set up a tent or rent a guest house. Just because of limited room capacity it’s better for you to booked in advance.

Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon
If you want great experiences to live harmony with nature, you can set up a tent in the places that has been provided by National Park among other things at Tanjung Cidaon, Handeleum island or Tanjung Layar which is generally used as a place to spend the night with a tent.Ideal time exploring Ujung Kulon National Park it takes at least 4 days because so many interesting places to see among other things tracking to heart of Ujung Kulon forest, enjoying the beauty of Peucang Island, Surfing at Panaitan Island, Enjoying the horizon from the top of mercusuar, visiting Karang Copong, Citerjun, Ciujungkulon, Cibunar, Kalejetan, Karang Ranjang, Cibandawoh and Mount Raksa. 

 Snorkeling Time

 If you want to diving or snorkeling, Peucang island and Badul island is one of the best spot to visit. There are so many kind of soft coral reef and colorful fish that you can see around here. So don’t forget to bring your diving or snorkeling equipment when you intend to visit Ujung Kulon National Park.  In handeleum island you can observe wildlife such as bison, pigs, deer, various species of birds and if you lucky you can meet the Javan Rhinoceros. One thing you should do here is canoing at Ciganter river to enjoying the mangrove forest. The last but not least is visit Tanjung Layar to enjoying amazing sunset from westernmost point of the island of Java.

 Wildlife at Handeleum Island
   Ready to pack your snorkel gear or your surfboard? Ujung Kulon National Park await your arrival. Wonderful Indonesia.

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  1. what a wondeful beach... i lived in rangkasbitung, near from this place, but never visited it

    1. yeah, i think you should spend your time to visit this place.. because Ujung Kulon National Park is Awesome!, Wonderful Indonesia..

  2. Hi,

    Are you joining a tour or travel by yourself there? information please. I've been wanting to go there since last year but still haven't found the best information how to get there.

    Thanks before!

    1. Hi Hanna Nabila,
      I went to Ujung Kulon National Park without tour package, me and my friends arranges the trip by ourself so we can share cost to minimize budget. If you intend to travel to Ujung Kulon National park, i think you need a group, so you can share cost for Transportation and for rent a boat.
      if you and your group traveling without tour, you can rent a car from Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) to Serang via Highway - Pandeglang - Labuan and then to Sumur, from Dermaga Sumur or Taman Jaya proceed to the Peucang island by renting a motor boat of the fisherman or locals. You can call Mr.Komar to rent a motor boat.

      if you intend to join package tour, i'll give you recommendation to visit this web http://bit.ly/11FQF3B or http://bit.ly/11FRpCa

      or maybe if you know about CouchSurfing Indonesia or Forum Backpacker Indonesia on FB http://on.fb.me/YQW54A, you can join the forum.. who knows there is open trip to Ujung Kulon National Park, so you can saving your money for this trip.

    2. Hi Shu,

      thank you for your informative reply, I definitely have looked it up and contacted the tour company you recommended :)

      I've read your blog and personally think you should share your travel in Indonesia link here on Travelog (http://travelog.jakpost.travel/) so let others know about your travel story only by sharing your link.

      (that's where travelers got useful info):)

    3. siip.. you're welcome..
      have a safe trip and enjoy your journey..

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